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Top 5 most competitive Android MOBA games on the apk store app
The MOBA scene has been the most successful genre of the gaming scene, from PC to handheld devices. Most of the biggest gaming tournaments in the planet are usually held on the MOBA games.
The best features of MOBA games is the teamwork ability, thanks to the game mode that is pitching 5 players against 5 other players in a closed arena. That is why to win the game; a player must use all of their available knowledge to work with their teammates to ensure the satisfactory final victory.
The MOBA games on the free apk android market also received a booming welcome with a lot of new and robust title for the competitive fans. If you are not sure about which title to invest your time in, do not worry. We have got it covered for you.
We have spent a lot of time to play through many MOBA title to make sure that you can have the best experience with your top apk game downloads in a fair and fun to play MOBA environment. 
Get on the battle. Below is the list of the must play MOBA games.
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5 top most popular free MOBA games on the apk download Play Store.
Known as the king of Android MOBA games, Vainglory was released in 2015 and has blown up the scene of free MOBA apk market in a short time. 
There is a roster of over 25 heroes for the player to choose from. The player will compete in the classic MOBA 5vs5 match that can be set to 7 minutes for quick play.
For the more competitive mindset, there is also a mode of a 25-minute game match which offers the players a full MOBA experience. 
The game’s popularity has reduced waiting times in the matchmaking system; the player can find a new match instantly.
Regarding graphics, the game looks gorgeous and colorful with the fantasy environment settings. What even more amazing is the game runs solid at 60 fps while maintaining the perfect 30 ms response time in character control. It has ensured a very smooth gaming experience for the hardcore MOBA fan.
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Paladins Strike
Paladins Strike is the perfect alternative for the fan of Overwatch game on the free MOBA apk app store. The game has implemented various new ways of control scheme on the mobile so that the player can have a smooth experience with shooting game on the mobile platform.
The game has about 15 playable characters for the player to select, each has its strength and weakness. There is also an ongoing plan to add new characters and features into this popular game.
Being unique from the free MOBA market in which the 5 players on the same team have to destroy the opponent’s base, Paladins Strike adds an objective payload and to win the game; one side has to push the payload into the enemy base. 
There will be a certain time limit to complete this particular objective so that each match will stay within a 5 to 10-minute range. It is the perfect time frame for the mobile gaming session, which the player can enjoy a quick match anywhere; for example, waiting for a bus or on the commuter train to work.
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Star Wars: Force Arena
If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise then you cannot miss out on the Star Wars: Force Arena title. It is entirely free MOBA apk to download on the Android market.
In the classic mode of MOBA match, there will be 5 players on the Jedi side and 5 other players on the Sith side. They are pitched against each other in the massive arena and have to use all their strategic thinking and quick response skills to destroy the opponent’s base.
Besides the MOBA mode, Star Wars: Force Area also has two fun and addictive modes of trading cards and tower defense mode. 
In the trading cards mode, the player can collect all the collectible cards for their favorite Star Wars character and trade it with other players; whereas, in the tower defense mode, the player has to control the Star Wars character to defense against endless waves of AI controlled enemies before the time runs out.
With the great graphics and trademark Star Wars music in the background, this game has brought to the MOBA table a lot of enjoyable time for the fans of Star Wars. 
Nonetheless, this game is a good take for the MOBA beginners as well. The universe of Star Wars surely has a lot of entertainment values to offer.
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Arena of Valor
Arena of Valor is developed by Tencent, the biggest game publisher, and developer in China. They are also the owner of the most recognized MOBA title on pc League of Legends. This has explained so much of the similarity in the Arena of Valor title on the free apk market.
If you have spent a lot of time on MOBA games like League of Legends, you can jump in and play Arena of Valor immediately without any worry for the detailed tutorials nor the game’s complexity.
Arena of Valor has implemented a very mobile-friendly control scheme so that the player can control the character on the Android platform just as easy as in the PC’s one. The player can move with the onscreen controller on the left while the buttons for skills usage are aligned in a perfect layout on the bottom right of the screen.
To help the players in the game progression, there is a champion rotation per week to let the players play through all the available champions in the game. 
There are many new champions that have a unique design as well as distinguished Chinese folklore. The players are guaranteed to invest in a lot of time in this new experience of MOBA game on the mobile platform.
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Battle Bay
Battle Bay is the surprising new take on the mobile platform by Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds franchise.
Providing a free apk MOBA game to download, Battle Bay puts the player in the complete control of a war boat where a team of five players has to sail out on the open ocean to defeat other teams. 
The camera system is placed ideally in the back of the boat, which let the player have a clear view of the action compare to the top down camera system from the traditional MOBA game.
Battle Bay does not only offer the player with endless action time, but it also reveals a sophisticated depth in the game strategy. 
You have to decide on the strategy of the 5vs5 arena as well as equip your war boat with different weapons to have the strongest power on the battlefield. This has made Battle Bay a breezing fresh experience to be the lastest download apk MOBA game.

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