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Everybody Dance Now

Everybody Dance Now! (EDN!) is a national nonprofit organization that provides free hip-hop dance programs to young people who could otherwise not afford access. Through the powerful art of dance, EDN! strives to help youth cultivate self-esteem, establish healthy lifestyles, and engage in positive outlets - surrounded by strong role models & friends.   EDN! was founded in Santa Barbara, CA in 2005 by a 14 year-old. Driven by dedicated high school and college students -- and after being featured on the popular MTV show, America's Best Dance Crew in 2010 -- the organization expanded from 1 city in 2009 to 8 cities by 2013. Today, EDN! provides resources, mentorship and support to help young people throughout the United States create and sustain EDN! programs in their communities. 

In addition to EDN! chapters teaching numerous weekly dance classes at after-school programs, homeless shelters, & low-income housing complexes, EDN! offers programming such as: cultural dance classes, outreach performances and service-learning opportunities, a community-wide breakdance project, a pre-professional dance troupe, nutrition classes, and more. Today, EDN! has served more than 3,500 children and teens in 12 cities. With a mission to "positively transform the lives of youth through dance, leadership, & community," EDN! is dedicated not only to supporting its students, but also to empowering its young leaders & volunteers to recognize and fulfill their potential as social change agents.

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