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Entrepreneur The Arts

Entrepreneur The Arts (ETA), as the umbrella organization to the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship (IAE) & IAEOU, reflects our commitment to empower creative, passionate, and driven individuals to cultivate and successfully launch their entrepreneurially goals for their own lives. Through our professional development incubator IAEOU and our entrepreneurially education program IAE, we have had the opportunity to partner up with FunderHut to further provide additional resources for our students & members.

We met FunderHut when they first launched in Chicago. Since those earliest days, we have collaborated on a number of events, networked individuals and organizations, and encouraged our community to engage crowdfunding with the full support, guidance, and quality services of the FunderHut team. We believe that FunderHut represents what is most important about the entrepreneurial community in Chicago—community. Only together, as a collective, can we individually succeed. We are not in competition with each other, but rather in collaboration, we feed the spirit of entrepreneurs, and of the Chicago professional & personal communities, in order to feed and root new business, services, products, and passionate lives! Please connect with ETA, IAE, & IAEOU by emailing us at info@entrepreneurthearts.com to learn more about how we can further your creative, professional, and entrepreneurial goals!

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