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Have a clear and concise vision of what you need funding for.

Before you start your crowdfunding project, be sure to know the specifics such as budget, completion date, and other necessities for success. This information will increase your legitimacy and provide transparency for others to feel comfortable enough to fund your project.

Present your information in a clear and thoughtful way.

When creating a project, keep in mind that nothing grabs the attention of the audience more successfully than a pitch video. Keep it short and engaging. In your video and written content be sure to include an introductionthat explains who you are, your project goals, and the Kudos you will offer funders. People are visual; include pictures if at all possible to further engage your audience.

Tap into your network and community

The initial funding for projects usually comes from friends and family. Once the project gets rolling, it receives more attention---and funding---from people outside of your network. Be sure to utilize your social media accounts to advertise your project, email it to your contacts, and don’t forget the power of face-to-face interaction! It’s much easier to market your project to people you know, so start with them, and expand further. People who don’t know you will feel more comfortable funding a project already being funded.

Set yourself apart from the competition

How is your project unique? What product, service, or result does it offer? Differentiate yourself from the pack---set yourself apart from everybody else and be creative! Let the public know the benefit that will come from funding your project.

Be realistic about fundraising goals

Create a realistic and reasonable fundraising goal for your type of project. Explain to users exactly how you plan to allocate and spend the funds you receive. Projects that are clear and transparent are more successful.

Offer Kudos people will want

Nothing grabs users’ attention like a meaningful reward for funding your project, and these could be tickets to your play, a new gadget, even a simple hand-written thank-you. Contributorsenjoy knowing that their contributions are appreciated, so offer something that will make them feel good about funding your project. Most campaigns should offer four to nine levels of Kudos.

Keep constant contact with project funders and comment-posters

Projects that include a lot of contact between creators and funders are generally more successful. Continuously update your project page, update users on any changes, or just tell them thank you for their ongoing support. If possible, update your project and your progress every few days. This can be as simple as a quick status update or a snapshot of you working on your goal. 

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