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As a Funder

Can I get a tax deduction given this is a charitable cause?
How many projects can I fund?
What if I haven't received my Kudos?
What is the difference between funding a project that is fixed and a project that is variable?
What is the minimum and maximum contribution I can make?
When should I expect my Kudos?

As a Project Creator

Does FunderHut have the right to review/alter/deny any projects?
Does my FunderHut project have to be in only my community?
How do I know to whom to send Kudos and where?
How do I promote my project?
How do I start a project?
How does FunderHut work outside the United States?
Is there a minimum or maximum dollar amount that can be raised?
What are some tips for a successful project?
What are the third-party fees associated with FunderHut?

General Questions

Can Funders or FunderHut get equity in a company being funded?
Further interest in FunderHut?
How is FunderHut different?
What are Kudos?
What is crowdfunding?
What is FunderHut?
What kinds of campaigns do people have?

The Community Wishlist

How do I turn my Community Wishlist wish into a project?
How does the Community Wishlist voting system work?
What if my community doesn't have any community wishes yet?
What is the Community Wishlist?

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