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CSW: “Today’s My Day- I Will Be Back”

May 22nd By Dan

csw change the world

Community Story of the Week: 5/22/2013

Steven Colby, AKA “Mikey,” was once the president of a corporation. After making a costly mistake, he had found himself homeless and living on the streets. The sheer optimism that Mikey has allows him to stay strong during tough times.

He says, “You can change anything you want in this world, anything, but you can’t change that sun coming up in the East, and setting in the West. And when I see that sun coming up in the East every morning, I wake up and I say it’s gonna be a day. Today’s MY day.”

So next time you walk by someone, avoid making an assumption based upon what you see. Hear them out and see how you can make a difference.

Source: Soul Pancake


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