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CSW: Sour Fruit Makes a Sweet Arrival in San Francisco

June 19th - BY Dan

lemon tree

Community Story of the Week: 6/19/2013

Now this is an organization that has set a great goal! To plant 12,000 lemon trees all around San Francisco and make it entirely self-sustaining. By doing so, they will provide a nutritional, yet tasty, addition to many people's diets- for free! Just One Tree plans to plant lemon trees in public areas so that anyone can go and grab a fresh lemon.


CSW: Community Gardens Feeding the Hungry

June 12th - BY Alan Salganik

Taking Care of the Community Garden

Community Story of the Week: 6/12/2013

In Mattoon, IL., community members teamed up with Eastern Illinois University students to put an end to hunger in their community. Gardeners grow fresh produce, which is then donated to the Mattoon Community Food Center and the Charleston Area Churches Food Pantry every week. The garden itself sits on three separate plots of land which are tended to year round.<

CSW: Something You Can’t Buy at a Thrift Shop

June 5th - BY Dan

Community Story of the Week: 6/5/2013

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, today's hottest artists advocate for a greener future. They talk about how when they were children, they played outside rather than stay indoors, the way children do today. Being able to be free and play cops and robbers and capture the flag bring back the memories of a much simpler time before kids had technology.


CSW: How to be a Better Green Advocate

April 24th - BY Dan

going green

Community Story of the Week 4/24/2013

This week’s Community Story of the Week comes from Jessica Prois at the Huffington Post in her article, On Earth Day, Here's How To Be A Non-Annoying Green Advocate. Even though Earth Day

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