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Crowdfunding: From International to Hyper-Local

April 30th - BY Alan Salganik

International Crowdfunding

The date is March 23rd, 1983. Former President Ronald Reagan had just delivered his “Star Wars” missile defense speech, a project to shoot down any incoming missiles from the Soviet Union. The borders were shut and citizens on either side didn’t know a thing about their enemy outside of what their government told them. Fast forward to 2013. There’s an

CSW: How to be a Better Green Advocate

April 24th - BY Dan

going green

Community Story of the Week 4/24/2013

This week’s Community Story of the Week comes from Jessica Prois at the Huffington Post in her article, On Earth Day, Here's How To Be A Non-Annoying Green Advocate. Even though Earth Day

Hey Dreamers

April 16th - BY Ellie Diaz

The crowd in crowdfunding

Once upon a time, there were car washes and bake sales, raffles and bowl-a-thons. It was a time when door-to-door sales could take extensive hours, and a local project’s social awareness rarely reached outside the confines of the city. Traditional fundraising slowly inched closer towards their goal with every quarter donated. Imagine the scene

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