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CSW: Reasons to Buy Local [Infographic]

May 29th - BY Dan


Community Story of the Week: 5/29/2013

This week we wanted to provide you with some of the economics behind buying local. The benefits of buying local outweigh buying from big box retailers. When spending $100 at a small local business vs. a large big box retailer, approximately three times the money stays within the local community!

CSW: “Today’s My Day- I Will Be Back”

May 22nd - BY Dan

csw change the world

Community Story of the Week: 5/22/2013

Steven Colby, AKA Mikey, was once the president of a corporation. After making a costly mistake, he had found himself homeless and living on the streets. The sheer optimism that Mikey has allows him to stay strong during tough times.

He says, You can change anything you want in this world, anything, but you can't change that

Raise Money for Your Community, Any Community

May 17th - BY Alan Salganik

Make Positive Change in Your Community

How do you define your community? Is it by common interests, by age/gender, or by geographic boundaries? However you define it, crowdfunding has undoubtedly played a role in supporting it whether you consider yourself a member of one community, or multiple overlapping communities.

Let’s say you’re a member of the art community. The uP I

CeleBEARating Inspirational Women Q&A

May 2nd - BY Ellie Diaz


A New Spin on Traditional “Thank You’s” Hello crowdfunding fans! Today I’d like to share a story about a passionate woman with one remarkable inspiring idea. PJ McGuire is the founder of NettieBears; a campaign devoted to recognizing and honoring those who have made sacrifices in their family or community. Her goal is to send a unique hand-stitched “NettieBear” to deser

CSW: Man Pays Off Mom’s Mortgage To Thank Her

May 1st - BY Dan

Man gives his mother's day gift

Community Story of the Week: 5/1/2013

After not seeing his mother for years at a time, this man comes home to his mother's greeting arms. He was able to come inside and eat dinner with no questions asked. She works 10+ hours shifts to be able to feed her family and is now having a hard time paying the bills. This week's Community Story of the Week is a great example of how you do not have to trek

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