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NPM: Sign Here for Change

September 9th - BY Ellie Diaz

ONE.org helps fight poverty around the world

Non-Profit Monday: 9/9/2013

We sip our iced chai tea lattes with skim while ogling over the latest BuzzFeed article and rhythmically typing our most recent social media status on the immaculately sleek Macs perched on our laps. We see the word “poverty” in headlines and hear it in the news daily, but the words may feel distant and seemingly ungraspable.

NPM: It’s Not a Charity, It’s a Movement

August 19th - BY Ellie Diaz


buildOn Breaks the Cycle of Poor Education

Step 1: Watch this video Step 2: Break the cycle Step 3: Change the world

These are the facts:

• In the majority of urban schools, only 50% of students are graduating. • 1.2 billion people across the globe can’t read or write. • Two-thirds of illiterate

CSW: Sour Fruit Makes a Sweet Arrival in San Francisco

June 19th - BY Dan

lemon tree

Community Story of the Week: 6/19/2013

Now this is an organization that has set a great goal! To plant 12,000 lemon trees all around San Francisco and make it entirely self-sustaining. By doing so, they will provide a nutritional, yet tasty, addition to many people's diets- for free! Just One Tree plans to plant lemon trees in public areas so that anyone can go and grab a fresh lemon.


Celebrating the Chicago Creative Community

June 13th - BY Alan Salganik

Chicago Bean

We want to thank everyone that braved the storms/Blackhawks game and came out last night to our Embracing the Chicago Creative Community party, and thank you to Society Gallery for providing a beautiful space to host the event! We had an amazing group of artists, musicians, dancers, and nonprofits come out and showcase bits and pieces of Chicago's art community. Check out so

CSW: Community Gardens Feeding the Hungry

June 12th - BY Alan Salganik

Taking Care of the Community Garden

Community Story of the Week: 6/12/2013

In Mattoon, IL., community members teamed up with Eastern Illinois University students to put an end to hunger in their community. Gardeners grow fresh produce, which is then donated to the Mattoon Community Food Center and the Charleston Area Churches Food Pantry every week. The garden itself sits on three separate plots of land which are tended to year round.<

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