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We’ve Partnered with the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

August 8th - BY Alan Salganik

Rogers Park

We're very excited to announce our partnership with the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce! Through the combined efforts of the great team at the Chamber of Commerce and FunderHut, we hope to make a difference in the community and the lives of its' inhabitants. They serve as a vital member of the Rogers Park business community by providing access to knowledge, resources, and k

City Vanguard Triumphs: One of FunderHut’s Success Stories

July 22nd - BY Ellie Diaz

Singers Performing City Vanguard

City Vanguard is a live music television series that documents underground musicians in Chicago. Founder and producer, David Weathersby, began his FunderHut campaign in January of 2013 and successfully raised enough to help him launch pilot episodes for their next season. In celebration, FunderHut sits down with David to capture hi

Chicago Non-Profit and FunderHut Partnering for Nonprofit Fundraising

June 24th - BY Alan Salganik

Chicago Nonprofits and FunderHut Partnership

The FunderHut team is very excited to announce our new partnership with Chicago Non-Profit, Chicagoland’s Nonprofit Chamber of Commerce! FunderHut is a community-crowdfunding platform, and although we’re national, what better way to start than with our own Chicago community? We’re extremely excited to be working together to make a positive impact in the community.

Celebrating the Chicago Creative Community

June 13th - BY Alan Salganik

Chicago Bean

We want to thank everyone that braved the storms/Blackhawks game and came out last night to our Embracing the Chicago Creative Community party, and thank you to Society Gallery for providing a beautiful space to host the event! We had an amazing group of artists, musicians, dancers, and nonprofits come out and showcase bits and pieces of Chicago's art community. Check out so

Support Local: Embracing the Chicago Creative Community Event

May 20th - BY Ellie Diaz


We are hosting the first live crowdfunding fundraiser featuring local Chicago artists, musicians, dancers and free admission!

We present to you, “Support Local: Embracing the Chicago Creative Community with FunderHut,” a free mixer hosted on June 12th from 6 pm to 9 pm. The event will be held in an open layout Chicago loft at Society Gallery. Join FunderHut as they celebrate what makes Chicago great

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"It's great that someone can contribute to a project and see the direct effect their contribution made."

- Dr. Marina Vitkin

"FunderHut was the only crowdfunding site that took a serious and personal approach to projects. As a small company supporter, I appreciated that FunderHut catered towards communities and the power of local businesses."

- David Weathersby

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