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CSW: Sustainable Small Business Done the Right Way

July 17th By Dan


Community Story of the Week: 7/17/2013

Sebastian Cox, Founder of Sebastian Cox Furniture uses sustainable practices to create genuine works of art. He uses Coppiced Hazel trees, a rather under-utilized tree, as his primary resource to build his furniture pieces. These trees can be managed quite easily and can grow up to five feet in their first season of growth.

Sebastian’s passion began by growing up in the country-side and being surrounded by the woods. The locally-sourced timber is lightweight and strong so it is a perfect fit for the high quality furniture that he produces.

Beautiful Natural Light

Beautiful natural lamp

Through his hands-on approach, Sebastian exemplifies what being a small, growing business is all about. Recently, he was featured in Home and Garden magazine. Watch this short video about his work:

Look out, we will now be featuring more small businesses/non-profits in the near future. We are leaning toward calling it, Featured Fridays. Any thoughts? Let us know if there are any small businesses or non-profits that you want featured.

Images shown here found on his Facebook page.


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