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CSW: Sour Fruit Makes a Sweet Arrival in San Francisco

June 19th By Dan

lemon tree

Community Story of the Week: 6/19/2013

Now this is an organization that has set a great goal! To plant 12,000 lemon trees all around San Francisco and make it entirely self-sustaining. By doing so, they will provide a nutritional, yet tasty, addition to many people’s diets- for free! Just One Tree plans to plant lemon trees in public areas so that anyone can go and grab a fresh lemon.

Planting 12,000 lemon trees (or any fruit tree for that matter) around the city has many other benefits to it. The most important benefit is the abundance of healthy fruit throughout the city. Aside from just eating the fruits, the lemon trees provide a beautiful landscape of green and yellow throughout the city. Children can also benefit through the education of growing their own fruits and vegetables in the future.

Would you like a new lemon tree in your neighborhood? Which organization do you believe is making a difference? Comment below and let us know of an organization that you believe is making a difference!

More information at: Just One Tree.

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