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CSW: Something You Can’t Buy at a Thrift Shop

June 5th By Dan

Community Story of the Week: 6/5/2013

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, today’s hottest artists advocate for a greener future. They talk about how when they were children, they played outside rather than stay indoors, the way children do today. Being able to be free and play cops and robbers and capture the flag bring back the memories of a much simpler time before kids had technology.

Imagination is something you can not buy. MackleMore and Ryan Lewis are a great example of how being passionate about something and pursuing can change your life. They have recently risen to being some of the most well known artists of the year. With a song that is number one on the charts, and another that is number twelve, they have gone a long way since their childhoods in Washington. Spend some time outdoors with your friends, family, and your community, you’ll be surprised what a positive effect it’ll have on you. Tell us on Twitter about the kinds of things you like to do outdoors in your own community!


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