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NPM: Rock Out for Mother Earth!

August 26th By Ellie Diaz

Reverb tour socially responsible

Have you ever wondered how much impact a single concert has on the environment? Think about it. Thousands of cars and anxious drivers travel to see their favorite bands, spewing their carbon emissions across the state. The long torturous line for the ladies room is not only terrible for those waiting, but also for Mother Earth. Consider all the water that is wasted with high pressured toilets. Plastic water bottles are sold and discarded into trash bins, or carelessly thrown to the ground.

Big named bands such as Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked Ladies, FUN., Maroon 5, Mumford & Sons and top rated musicians such as John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Jack Johnson have partnered with Reverb in participating in green tours across the country.

What does a Reverb green tour consist of? Each band’s commitment varies, but here are some elements that go into producing an eco-friendly concert:

-An educational Eco-Village that engages fans in activities and green initiatives.
-Local catering that consists of fresh, eco-friendly food
-A custom greening website that informs concert goers of their favorite band’s specific actions towards a greener future
-Online carpooling resources that make it accommodating to travel in a group
-Available recycling options around the venue

Certain bands, like Maroon 5, even ask their fans to bring in their old cell phones, which are then donated to a women’s shelter.

To date, Reverb has assisted 141 tours, which has reduced 107,564 tons of carbon dioxide, and has reached 13.5 million fans. Reverb’s influence doesn’t stop at concerts. They encourage music lovers to continue their efforts by providing a convenient resource for simple green initiatives.

Let’s do more than just recycle every month and join Reverb as Earth ally volunteers. Selected participants receive a t-shirt, free access to the concert, and help save the planet. High five!

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