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Raise Money for Your Community, Any Community

May 17th By Alan Salganik

Make Positive Change in Your Community

How do you define your community? Is it by common interests, by age/gender, or by geographic boundaries? However you define it, crowdfunding has undoubtedly played a role in supporting it whether you consider yourself a member of one community, or multiple overlapping communities.

Let’s say you’re a member of the art community. The uP Inc. project reaches out to local designers around Chicago to help promote their art on uP’s clothing line. Now, that artist can have their work featured on clothing items that can potentially be seen by hundreds of people every day. Who doesn’t want some free promotion? Each design is hand-picked and purchased by uP Inc., and then printed in their Chicago location, keeping it local.

Clothing design local artist

T-Shirt design by Chicago clothing line, uP Inc.

Not a member of the artistic community? That’s ok, maybe you’re part of a community of mothers. The NettieBear Motherly Love campaign is designed to spread the love to mothers and grandmothers all over the world to say ‘thank you’ for the sacrifices they have made. Don’t wait until next Mother’s Day to show that you care. NettieBears are handmade, making every single one unique just like the mothers and grandmothers they support.

Perhaps you define your community by physical location. Take Chicago for example, where a group of student leaders are working to improve their community through new climate and energy solutions, green living, and other various neighborhood initiatives. LETS GO Chicago is rethinking the way we live and eat to build a just and sustainable planet for future generations (and they’re some of the youngest members of this generation).

Let's Go Chicago

Student leaders from LETS GO Chicago making the world a greener place

We all belong to one community or another (or multiple), and your contribution is a lot more than supporting a project. It’s supporting an entire community of artists, mothers, or an entire city, one dollar at a time. Let’s make some magic happen.

Find a project that interests you!


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