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SBF: Celebrating the Weekend With Locally-Sourced Spirits

October 11th - By Dan

2bar distillery locally sourced vodka handmade tasty funderhut

Business Fridays: Featuring the small businesses that bring the Yum, Wow, Ohhh/Ahhh’s, Thanks, and Smiles to the community. Since it is Friday, we decided to go with a different approach to our Small Business Fridays, and celebrate! We know that you will probably going out tonight and getting ready to enjoy the weekend, but why not make a change in your drink choice? This SBF is about an industry that dates back thousands of years- the booze industry. 2bar Spirits …

CSW: The Music Festival Community: “Support Through Numbers”

October 9th - By Dan

electronic dance music fundraising cause crowdfunding ultra music festival lollapalooza coachella love for music

Community Story of the Week: 10/09/2013 Music is something that we all have in common. Though our preferences in music may be different, I believe that each one of us has a certain playlist that can define our lives. That is why for today’s Community Story of the Week, I wanted to compare the community and crowdfunding to a music festival. Common Purpose. The purpose of going to a music festival is simple. Take some time off from your busy …

The True Cost of the Government Shutdown

October 7th - By Dan

government shut down information and what is happening

As most of you know, the United States government has decided to shut its’ doors, close the national parks, temporarily suspend “non-essential workers,” and continue to pay some of the people that caused this mess a high six figure salary. This article is being written to put the sum of money that is being spent in perspective if it was spent on the things “the people” wanted. This is not a critique of any political party, but rather just a …

SBF: Just in Time for Halloween!

October 4th - By Dan

home decor halloween gift holidays book carving handmade

Small Business Fridays: Featuring businesses making a difference. This week: Halloween! This week’s Small Business was chosen in Lieu of Halloween being soooo close! Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at FunderHut and we wanted to spread the festivities with you! HiButterfly was founded in Englewood, Colorado by Hanna Gritton. Their purpose: to provide great paper products that make great decorations and gifts! Each carved book seems to be handmade and personal. Also, they change their products every …

CSW: Your Food Exposed: A Not So Happy Ending

October 2nd - By Dan

cow processing facility

Community Story of the Week: 10/02/2013 I apologize in advance for this not being as “optimistic” as some of our other Community Stories of the Week, but we believe that a voice has to be heard on this topic. The way the animals are treated in the growing food industry is absolutely repulsive. I believe that many agree that they wish they knew where their food was coming from. No, we do not need to know the name of the …

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