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CSW: Providing Dogs and Cats With a Loving Home

October 23rd - By Dan

house with a heart taking care of dogs charity

Community Story of the Week: 10/23/2013 This week’s Community Story of the week features a touching story about a woman (and volunteers) who take care of old animals that are given up because of their age. They tend to them, love them, feed them, and take them to the vet whenever needed. Yes these dogs are old, but you can’t help but to feel happy for them becauase they spend the last portion of their lives in a happy, loving …

That Feeling You Get When You Receive Your Reward

October 21st - By Dan

Rewards for crowdfunding funderhut

Helping someone and getting rewarded for it too? That’s a double win! For anyone who donates to many of the unique projects on FunderHut, you know how great it feels to receive some cool rewards, right? If you have not donated to a cause, it not only feels great to help and the rewards rock! It is very fun when the reward comes into the mail because you are again reminded that the person you supported is making a difference …

SBF: A Girl’s Dreams Can Come True?

October 18th - By Bineeta Monga

princess little girl party chicago

Small Business Friday (10/18/2013) Businesses Making a Difference! Every little girl’s dream is to be a princess one day. I’m turning 20 tomorrow, which obviously means I am holding onto every shred of my childhood for the next twenty four hours. That is what inspired this week’s Small Business Friday. Princesscapades is a company that makes every girl’s dream come true: A Princess Birthday Party! The company provides several different options for a party, ranging from a 30 minute appearance …

CSW: What Does It Mean To Be American?

October 16th - By Dan

New york city land of dreams freedom america meaning

Community Story of the Week: 10/16/2013 I am glad I stumbled upon this video while looking for this week’s Community Story of the Week. It is short, powerful, and to the point. It allows us to ask ourselves, what does it truly mean to be American? Are we born American or do we become American? It is true, sometimes we take our freedoms for granted. Some people are not able to live as comfortably. Each day should be a celebration …

NPM: Take a Leisure Stroll Through This Minneapolis Park

October 14th - By Ellie Diaz

minneapolis fundraiser funderhut community raising money

This week’s NPM is a place that should be marked on everyone’s “to-do” list. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, part of the Walker Art Center, offers museumgoers a chance to immerse themselves in a fascinating and curious environment. Sculptures, like the one featured above, labeled Spoonbridge and Cherry by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Broggen, attract the imaginations of people across the U.S. The 11-acre urban sculpture park is filled with contemporary and modern art that dazzles the public. The Irene …

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