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SBF: Illuminate Your Life

November 8th - By Bineeta Monga

As the fall really sets in, it gets chilly in Chicago; the wind is blowing, the temperature is dropping, and if you’re anything like Macy’s, you’re all ready for Christmas and the snow. This is why this week’s Small Business Friday will warm you right up! Mr. B’s Luminaries is a family-owned business based in San Diego. The inspiration for the store came a little after the owner’s son was born. He was nickname ‘Buster’ before he was born, which …

CSW: Good Vibes through Good Smells

November 6th - By Dan


Community Story of the Week: 11/06/2013 We hope everyone is having a great Wednesday and apologize for not being able to come out with a Community Story of the Week last week. Things got busy here and we just didn’t have the time! So this week’s story is actually pretty neat. There is a great story I found in the description of the video. You can find it at the Vimeo video page, but here it is: Kim Emanuel is …

NPM: Fighting for Freedom

November 4th - By Ellie Diaz


The non-profit Not For Sale makes one thing clear: slavery is far from dead. After discovering his favorite restaurant kidnapped thousands of children from India and forced them to work, president and co-founder David Batstone decided to take a year off teaching to learn exactly how the slave trade operated. In Thailand, Batstone met a woman who saved children from forced prostitution but could not provide adequate housing. He promised her the profits from his book would go to build …

NPM: Love IS the Movement.

October 28th - By Ellie Diaz

TO_WRITE_LOVE_ON_HER_ARMS_WALL_a non profit creates a change

Too easily, we judge people on their internal struggles. Stigmas surrounding depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicide, self-injury and addiction are common in our culture. “I’m so depressed,” we say after a hard workday. We unintentionally disregard mental problems. To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) is a nonprofit that combats mental health stereotypes with education and reaches out to those who face mental challenges. Its mission states, “TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment …

SBF: A Sweet Business for the Sweet Tooth

October 25th - By Bineeta Monga


Small Business Friday: 10/25/2013 With the holidays quickly approaching, all I can think about are all the savory desserts I’ll be enjoying with my family soon enough: Pumpkin pie, apple pie, and some decadent toffee. This week’s small business Friday is brought to you by my craving for sweets and Chicago’s very own, Terry’s Toffee. The company started, right here in Chicago, back in 2002. Terry used his Grandmother McCall’s toffee recipe and whipped up some toffee on a random …

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