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NPM: Sign Here for Change

September 9th By Ellie Diaz helps fight poverty around the world

Non-Profit Monday: 9/9/2013

We sip our iced chai tea lattes with skim while ogling over the latest BuzzFeed article and rhythmically typing our most recent social media status on the immaculately sleek Macs perched on our laps. We see the word “poverty” in headlines and hear it in the news daily, but the words may feel distant and seemingly ungraspable.

ONE, an international non-profit, seeks to bring the traumatic reality of poverty to your front door. It doesn’t ask for money. It simply asks for a voice, your voice, in order to end poverty worldwide.

The organization creatively encourages members to sign online petitions, make phone calls to officials, write letters, email friends, Tweet and share Facebook posts to acknowledge the abhorrent conditions of extreme poverty. According to their homepage, ONE’s forces have spread to 190 countries, reaching nearly 3,775,000 members.

By adding your signature to the 60 million petitions, you’re not only contributing to a worldwide change, but also highlighting intolerable conditions including the malnutrition of children, electrical inaccessibility, the “death sentence” of HIV/AIDS, and a citizen’s basic right to know what their government does with country resources. provides easy to read annual reports that make you want to high-five your computer, videos that urge you to press play, pictures that deserve to be zoomed in on, bold fluent infographics that shifts poverty from stranger to neighbor and immediate content that provides a knowledgeable weapon for the fight against poverty.

Here’s our challenge to you: visit and sign one petition, Tweet a fact, or forward a thought provoking email, while listening to ONE’s striking soundtrack of songs that changed the world (my favorite song was “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.) Let’s take action!


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