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Hey Dreamers

April 16th By Ellie Diaz

The crowd in crowdfunding

Once upon a time, there were car washes and bake sales, raffles and bowl-a-thons. It was a time when door-to-door sales could take extensive hours, and a local project’s social awareness rarely reached outside the confines of the city. Traditional fundraising slowly inched closer towards their goal with every quarter donated. Imagine the scene in The Little Rascals when the boys take up a collection to rebuild their burnt clubhouse. Entering the wood shop, Spanky and Stymie place an enormous pile of pennies on the counter and anxiously wait for their pile of lumber. The clerk returns with one small block of wood. The scene would be completely altered if the club had used the power of FunderHut to make their goal a reality. Welcome to the unlimited world of crowdfunding.

Community is key.


Whether it’s through roasting marshmallows over a bonfire, the World Wide Web, or cocktail parties in a downtown high-rise, FunderHut makes it a top priority to form tighter bonds between individuals and their communities. Don’t believe us? Check out FunderHut’s Community Wishlist! The Wishlist provides the perfect forum for individuals to submit and discuss what they’d like to see in their cities. More park benches? A better soccer field? How about a pet giraffe? The possibilities are endless! If the community wish becomes popular within the site, the user can simply click and begin creating an actual fundable campaign. With each campaign success story, a stronger relationship is formed within the community.

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Any of us can create a campaign for a college scholarship or collect St. Baldrick’s donations for children’s cancer research. This allows each of us to give back to those who need it most. FunderHut also has 15 other categories including “Going Green”, “Design”, “School Organizations & Clubs”, and “Business and Entrepreneurship”. Want to build a community pool? You got it. Fund and promote an underground band? Challenge accepted. Create a backyard ant circus? We won’t judge!

Regardless of the cities we live in, or the problems we face, a community should serve as a supporting role through the challenges we overcome. FunderHut provides a simplistic way to reconnect and give back to a community that has given so much. By providing an open forum and crowdfunding potential, FunderHut not only connects you to the community and donors across the country, but it also challenges you to start making an impact in the society around you. So what are you waiting for? Start fundraising today!


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