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SBF: Handmade Screen Printing and Crafts Business

August 2nd By Dan

Featured small business1

Small Business Fridays: Featuring small businesses that deserve the recognition.

We have taken a new route with Featured Fridays because there were too many Non-Profits and Small business to feature (and we got too excited). Instead, we have split up our FF and will begin Small Business Fridays and Non-Profit Mondays!

This week’s featured small business is a small shop in Toronto that focuses on handmade items, made with a silk-screen machine. The two-person shop, comprised of Bianca and Michael, is full of color, imagination, and paints! Kid Icarus is a great 300 square foot storefront that allows any mind to wander. Check out the video below to see how they do it, and the amount of care and attention that goes into every product.

We support small businesses such as Kid Icarus because of their passion toward handmade items. These products weren’t made by a conveyor belt in a cold factory 3,000 miles away, but right in their customers’ own backyard, and that truly defines community.

This film was made by Show Love.

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Featured image can be found here.


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