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CSW: Who Doesn’t Love Pie?

August 7th By Dan

Pie Ranch eco friendly farming

Community Story of the Week: 8/7/2013

Pie Ranch is an educational experience which fosters the mission to educate and help students learn more about farming, sustainability, and sourcing their food. The mission is to get sustainable produce from the farm to the table in the best, most efficient way possible. Local farmers care about their community, their products, and their customers, with an emphasis on quality.

With a new generation of farmers, Pie Ranch is seeing more students who want to integrate technology with their farming, and make them passionate about what they do. Education is the first step to progress, check out the video below and see what it’s like to celebrate farming.

This film was made by Plus M Productions.

Tell us what you think of Pie Ranch. We think what they do is great.

Featured Image is a snapshot from the video.


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