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CSW: Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

June 26th By Dan


Community Story of the Week: 6/26/2013

In lieu of the recent news with Monsanto, we believe that we have the right to know where our food comes from. The controversial “Monsanto Act” makes it so that federal courts are not able to halt sales or production of the Genetically Modified seeds. This means that even the government will have little power over the large modified food superpowers, such as Monsanto (among others).

Check out this short video, the winning entry in the RSA / Nominet Trust Film Competition Award by Marija Jacimovic and Benoit Detalle:

In a study done by JustLabelit.com, 92% of Americans wanted GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) to be labeled. Over sixty countries to date have been labeling (or banning) their genetically modified foods, but the United States is among the few that still do not.

How do you feel about what is happening to the food system? Do you believe that our genetically modified food should be labeled? Tell us your thoughts!

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