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Crowdfunding: From International to Hyper-Local

April 30th By Alan Salganik

International Crowdfunding

The date is March 23rd, 1983. Former President Ronald Reagan had just delivered his “Star Wars” missile defense speech, a project to shoot down any incoming missiles from the Soviet Union. The borders were shut and citizens on either side didn’t know a thing about their enemy outside of what their government told them. Fast forward to 2013. There’s an animal shelter in the unforgiving Siberian tundra, and it’s collecting funds right here in the United States. The idea that people can simply do ‘good’ even when it comes to former enemies is very real thanks to crowdfunding. It helps knock down international borders with the common goal of helping out, and these dogs and cats could not be more thankful.

Siberian Animal Shelter

On the other side of the spectrum, take the example of this group of youth leaders as they work to improve their Rogers Park community on Chicago’s north side. With a goal of creating a just and sustainable future through building projects, local neighborhood initiatives, and community organizing, LET’S GO Chicago is changing the current landscape of their own neighborhood to set as an example for other neighborhoods.

Let's Go Chicago

This is the idea behind crowdfunding—people making a difference regardless of boundaries. If there is a project you feel passionate about, or just simply want to help out, you can make a contribution of any size and play a direct role in its success, whether it’s on the other side of the world or right in your own backyard.


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