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“Field of Dreams”

August 1st - By Ellie Diaz

fundraising for soccer field

Transforming an Idea into Reality

Where Do You Start?

Look around you. Observe the local café, the Elementary school playground, the worn benches in the park, and the vacant blank brick wall outside your window. What would you like to change? By taking inspiration from your community, you are not only helping yourself, but also enablin

That Feeling You Get When You Receive Your Kudos

July 12th - By Dan


Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

If you have been keeping up with us on our blog and our Facebook/Twitter, you should know that the FunderHut team is hard at work redesigning and re-branding our website. Also, we are taking part in the Chicago Lean Startup Competition! (Cross your fingers for us!)

As you know, when contributing to many of the unique FunderHut projects, you are able

Who Do You Include in Your Community?

June 24th - By Bineeta Monga

ridley_people_web (1)

According to the dictionary, the word ‘community’ includes “All the people living in a particular area or place.” This may have been the definition before the birth of the Internet and various social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Communities have expanded quite a bit in our modern world. They can include our 1200+ friends on Facebook, 300 followers on Twitter, or even those who re-pin us on Pi

Traveling the World with Crowdfunding

June 7th - By Ellie Diaz

Italian Vespa Travel

A creative way to finance an adventure

Have you ever wanted to talk philosophy in the Latin Quarter? Sip wine in Vienna’s ravishing vineyards? Investigate seaside castle ruins along the grassy plains of Ireland? Taste exquisite grilled fois gras while enjoying a stroll along the cobblestone paths of The Golden City? Now that it’s getting harder to fight the long lasting bitter winters, wanderlust is b

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"It's great that someone can contribute to a project and see the direct effect their contribution made."

- Dr. Marina Vitkin

"FunderHut was the only crowdfunding site that took a serious and personal approach to projects. As a small company supporter, I appreciated that FunderHut catered towards communities and the power of local businesses."

- David Weathersby

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