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Hot diggity dog! An Animal Shelter Crowdfunding Success Story

August 14th - By Alan Salganik

Thankful Dogs and Cats

It's always a good feeling to see a fundraising campaign accomplish its goals. Recently, we had a campaign for a Siberian Animal Shelter located in Russia that takes in cats and dogs from the surrounding areas and provides them with food and shelter. In a country where animals are not protected by law, and very little funding is provided, the team instead turn

City Vanguard Triumphs: One of FunderHut’s Success Stories

July 22nd - By Ellie Diaz

Singers Performing City Vanguard

City Vanguard is a live music television series that documents underground musicians in Chicago. Founder and producer, David Weathersby, began his FunderHut campaign in January of 2013 and successfully raised enough to help him launch pilot episodes for their next season. In celebration, FunderHut sits down with David to capture hi

Guest Post: Listening = Art Making at Marillac

April 25th - By Dan

Post by: Lisa Golda, COT Teaching Artist

Monday, February 4, 2013

It's been so exciting to get back to our two after-school classes at Marillac and start creating a script and dialogue for their school-themed opera!

We had been struggling to get the kids' creativity going: our outer space theme seemed too far removed

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"It's great that someone can contribute to a project and see the direct effect their contribution made."

- Dr. Marina Vitkin

"FunderHut was the only crowdfunding site that took a serious and personal approach to projects. As a small company supporter, I appreciated that FunderHut catered towards communities and the power of local businesses."

- David Weathersby

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