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Support Local: Embracing the Chicago Creative Community Event

May 20th - By Ellie Diaz


We are hosting the first live crowdfunding fundraiser featuring local Chicago artists, musicians, dancers and free admission!

We present to you, “Support Local: Embracing the Chicago Creative Community with FunderHut,” a free mixer hosted on June 12th from 6 pm to 9 pm. The event will be held in an open layout Chicago loft at Society Gallery. Join FunderHut as they celebrate what makes Chicago great

Raise Money for Your Community, Any Community

May 17th - By Alan Salganik

Make Positive Change in Your Community

How do you define your community? Is it by common interests, by age/gender, or by geographic boundaries? However you define it, crowdfunding has undoubtedly played a role in supporting it whether you consider yourself a member of one community, or multiple overlapping communities.

Let’s say you’re a member of the art community. The uP I

Crowdfunding: From International to Hyper-Local

April 30th - By Alan Salganik

International Crowdfunding

The date is March 23rd, 1983. Former President Ronald Reagan had just delivered his “Star Wars” missile defense speech, a project to shoot down any incoming missiles from the Soviet Union. The borders were shut and citizens on either side didn’t know a thing about their enemy outside of what their government told them. Fast forward to 2013. There’s an

Hey Dreamers

April 16th - By Ellie Diaz

The crowd in crowdfunding

Once upon a time, there were car washes and bake sales, raffles and bowl-a-thons. It was a time when door-to-door sales could take extensive hours, and a local project’s social awareness rarely reached outside the confines of the city. Traditional fundraising slowly inched closer towards their goal with every quarter donated. Imagine the scene

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"It's great that someone can contribute to a project and see the direct effect their contribution made."

- Dr. Marina Vitkin

"FunderHut was the only crowdfunding site that took a serious and personal approach to projects. As a small company supporter, I appreciated that FunderHut catered towards communities and the power of local businesses."

- David Weathersby

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