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NPM: Sign Here for Change

September 9th - By Ellie Diaz

ONE.org helps fight poverty around the world

Non-Profit Monday: 9/9/2013

We sip our iced chai tea lattes with skim while ogling over the latest BuzzFeed article and rhythmically typing our most recent social media status on the immaculately sleek Macs perched on our laps. We see the word “poverty” in headlines and hear it in the news daily, but the words may feel distant and seemingly ungraspable.

CSW: Lighting Up People’s Lives…In a Different Way

August 28th - By Dan

parkour light show bangkok fun

Community Story of the Week: 8/28/2013

Living in a city that never sleeps, these three guys are able to transform themselves into a spectacular light performance at night. With the combination of effects, lights, music, and passion, we decided these three deserve to be the Story of the Week. Though this is not what most would define as community, we believe that there is so much more to a community

CSW: Helping Children in Africa Through a Love of Sports

August 21st - By Dan

Africa Tennis Camp

Community Story of the Week: 8/14/2013 It is not easy being raised in the slums of Africa. With little resources, food, clean water, and other resources that many of us take for granted, these children are taught healthy habits, hard work, and fun through playing sports. Many people in the slum outside of Kibera do not have jobs or go to school.

NPM: It’s Not a Charity, It’s a Movement

August 19th - By Ellie Diaz


buildOn Breaks the Cycle of Poor Education

Step 1: Watch this video Step 2: Break the cycle Step 3: Change the world

These are the facts:

• In the majority of urban schools, only 50% of students are graduating. • 1.2 billion people across the globe can’t read or write. • Two-thirds of illiterate

CSW: Who Doesn’t Love Pie?

August 7th - By Dan

Pie Ranch eco friendly farming

Community Story of the Week: 8/7/2013

Pie Ranch is an educational experience which fosters the mission to educate and help students learn more about farming, sustainability, and sourcing their food. The mission is to get sustainable produce from the farm to the table in the best, most efficient way possible. Local farmers care about their community, their products, and their customers, with an emph

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