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CSW: A Blind Man and His Dog AND 35 Others

December 4th - By Dan

Service dog Rizzi Doxy Us airways stewardess flight attendant

Community Story of the Week 12/04/2013

We apologize that we have not been posting to our blog as often as usual, but you know how it is with the holidays! It gets hectic! Either way, please make sure to check out our latest social media campaign 25 Days of #Nice and share with us some nice/good deeds that you have seen others do or have done yourself.

So this week's story is ac

Guest Post: An eclectic mix and an openminded approach

November 20th - By Dan

Stangers Cook Shop sml

Article sent to us by Netherton Foundry

Looking back 18 months to when we first started theNetherton Foundry adventure, I wonder if we were entirely sane?

There were so many good reasons for doing what we embarked on, provenance, sustainability,eco-awareness - of which more later, but with the High St in the doldrums and the economic outlo

CSW: Good Vibes through Good Smells

November 6th - By Dan


Community Story of the Week: 11/06/2013

We hope everyone is having a great Wednesday and apologize for not being able to come out with a Community Story of the Week last week. Things got busy here and we just didn't have the time! So this week's story is actually pretty neat. There is a great story I found in the description of the video. You can find it at the Vimeo video page, but here it is:

CSW: Providing Dogs and Cats With a Loving Home

October 23rd - By Dan

house with a heart taking care of dogs charity

Community Story of the Week: 10/23/2013

This week's Community Story of the week features a touching story about a woman (and volunteers) who take care of old animals that are given up because of their age. They tend to them, love them, feed them, and take them to the vet whenever needed. Yes these dogs are old, but you can't help but to feel happy for them becauase they spend the last portion of the

CSW: What Does It Mean To Be American?

October 16th - By Dan

New york city land of dreams freedom america meaning

Community Story of the Week: 10/16/2013

I am glad I stumbled upon this video while looking for this week's Community Story of the Week. It is short, powerful, and to the point. It allows us to ask ourselves, what does it truly mean to be American? Are we born American or do we become American? It is true, sometimes we take our freedoms for granted. Some people are not able to live as comfortably. Ea

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