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Because Nobody’s Perfect

December 13th - By Bineeta Monga



Perfect, unblemished skin. Lean, taut, perfect bodies. Curves in all the perfect places. These are just a few of the features of mannequins nowadays. But Zurich’s Bahnofstrasse decided to change that.

With the help of Pro Informis, an organization for the disabled, stores in downtown Zurich replaced their usual mannequins with ones that are molded after people with scoliosis

A Cow for Christmas

December 9th - By Ellie Diaz

PR_Logo-Full_Color copy

Goats and camels and chicks! Oh my! This Christmas, let’s ditch some of our temporary plastic toys and instead, deliver life saving presents to impoverished communities across the world.

Heifer International strives to end world poverty and hunger by allowing consumers to send essential animals and training to communities around the globe including China, Haiti, Kenya and Honduras. Using this method, families can use the

CSW: A Blind Man and His Dog AND 35 Others

December 4th - By Dan

Service dog Rizzi Doxy Us airways stewardess flight attendant

Community Story of the Week 12/04/2013

We apologize that we have not been posting to our blog as often as usual, but you know how it is with the holidays! It gets hectic! Either way, please make sure to check out our latest social media campaign 25 Days of #Nice and share with us some nice/good deeds that you have seen others do or have done yourself.

So this week's story is ac

NPM: Christmas in the City Brings Winter Wonderland to Children

December 2nd - By Ellie Diaz


In celebration of FuderHut’s 25 Day’s of Nice, I’m investigating the best charities and non-profits communities can donate to this holiday season, starting with Christmas in the City, an organization that adds some Christmas magic to the lives of children.

The Boston non-profit began when Jake and Sparky Kennedy, surrounded by a stockpile of presents underneath the Christmas tree and bulging stockings above the firepl

25 Days of #Nice: A Small Gesture Can Go a Long Way

November 25th - By Dan

25 Days of #Nice, small gestures which make a BIG difference.



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