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CSW: Sustainable Small Business Done the Right Way

July 17th - BY Dan Salganik


Community Story of the Week: 7/17/2013

Sebastian Cox, Founder of Sebastian Cox Furniture uses sustainable practices to create genuine works of art. He uses Coppiced Hazel trees, a rather under-utilized tree, as his primary resource to build his furniture pieces. These trees can be managed quite easily and can grow up to five feet in their first season of growth.

Sebastian's passion began by growing up in the country-side and being surrounded by the woods. The locally-sourced timber is lightweight and strong so it is a perfect fit for the high quality furniture that he produces.

[caption id="attachment_1447" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Beautiful Natural LightBeautiful natural lamp[/caption]

Through his hands-on approach, Sebastian exemplifies what being a small, growing business is all about. Recently, he was featured in Home and Garden magazine. Watch this short video about his work:


Look out, we will now be featuring more small businesses/non-profits in the near future. We are leaning toward calling it, Featured Fridays. Any thoughts? Let us know if there are any small businesses or non-profits that you want featured.

Images shown here found on his Facebook page.

FunderHut is Looking for Partners!

July 16th - BY Dan Salganik


As we near completion of the redesign and continue to grow, we want to further our commitment to the community. This will be made possible by developing partnerships with various organizations for a mutually beneficial relationship and working together for a better tomorrow.

If you are a(n):



-Chamber of Commerce



-Religious Organization

-School, College or University


-"Umbrella Organization"

we would love to hear from you.

*Partners will be featured on our homepage with a link to their own dedicated page, increasing awareness for their organization. Also, partners and partners' members can sign up and launch fundraising campaigns absolutely free of charge as often as needed. Only a small fee is taken from the top so that we can keep the lights on.

Click here for more information or fill out the partnership form in order to speak with a member of the FunderHut team.

That Feeling You Get When You Receive Your Kudos

July 12th - BY Dan Salganik


Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

If you have been keeping up with us on our blog and our Facebook/Twitter, you should know that the FunderHut team is hard at work redesigning and re-branding our website. Also, we are taking part in the Chicago Lean Startup Competition! (Cross your fingers for us!)

As you know, when contributing to many of the unique FunderHut projects, you are able to choose a Kudo (a reward). We were lucky enough to receive our hand-written Thank You Note by one of our projects "Opera For All." Chicago Opera Theater’s Opera for All program guides students through the process of creating an opera from beginning to end.

A picture of the card: 20130712_101942

Thank you very much Opera For all!

To get more Kudos ideas for your project, email us at info@funderhut.com and we can help you brainstorm!

Crowdfunding an American Icon

July 3rd - BY Alan Salganik

Statue of Liberty

Sure crowdfunding is a great tool that has helped fund a Siberian Animal Shelter and a youth leadership group promoting green living, but did you know it's hardly a new concept?

In fact, in honor of Independence Day, did you know that one of the most notable American icons was made possible through crowdfunding? You might know what it is, it's a big green lady located in New York City that has watched millions of immigrants become U.S. citizens. The pedestal holding up the Statue of the Liberty is actually one of the first and most iconic crowdfunding projects of all time. Newspaper magnate, Joseph Pulitzer, had the idea of collecting small contributions from the crowd in order to finance this enormous construction project. He and his newspaper, The World, were able to successfully raise over $102,000 (about $2.3 million today) from 120,000 contributors in five months.

statue of liberty pedestal crowdfunding

So while crowdfunding may seem like a new phenomenon, turning the wishes of a country, a city, or a tiny community into reality, just remember that every small contribution can make a world of difference.

Happy Independence Day!

CSW: Sometimes You Can’t Just Mind Your Own Bees Wax

July 3rd - BY Dan Salganik


Community Story of the Week: 7/3/2013

Bees are an essential part of our environment, ecosystem, food system, and lives. Agricultural crops, including 100 different fruits and vegetables, are heavily dependent on the pollination from bees to grow and thrive. Without the pollination from the bees, there would be very limited plant growth and many food supplies would diminish. Since 2006, there has been an annual loss of approximately 30-90 percent of their colonies in America, Canada, Europe, and around the world.

The Romanian country-side has an abundance of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and bee colonies. They live an organic lifestyle and understand the importance of the honeybee.


We can all learn from the appreciation and passion of some people that just want to maintain a natural way of life.

Without honey bees, we can really see some detrimental changes in our lives. How can we make a difference?

Featured image: Source.

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