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CSW: A Bike That is Truly Built for You

July 31st - BY Dan Salganik

Passion for bikes and biking

Community Story of the Week: 7/31/2013

718 Cyclery takes their passion for biking to their community by creating a collaborative experience for their customers. Unlike so many shops that we see today, 718 Cyclery builds a bike which caters to the lifestyle of its owner. Each piece is hand-picked to ensure the best possible product. That is why they are considered to be "The Inverted Bike Shop."

From what started off as trying to recreate a stolen bike, soon became a business built off of reconnecting with individuals and building bikes with the people. This is something that just can't be done over the internet. See the full story here:


This film was made by Show Love.

Do you have a story like the Inverted Bike Shop? Let us know! Also, remember to share this post!

Featured image can be found here.

Three Great Bands Doing What They Do Best

July 26th - BY Dan Salganik


Featured Friday: Featuring a unique variety small businesses, non-profits, and amazing individuals.

Today we decided to change things up a bit. Since last week we featured a jewelry business, we decided to take an alternative route into this week's Featured Friday.

We will be featuring three completely unique bands with very different stories and genres of music. After you listen to all three, comment below and let us know which you like the most!

Sashé Taylor is a high energy Chicago native that combines Sultry, Soul, and Pop Ballads into one amazing production. This song, Holy Man, is full of fun, smiles, and great singing. Check it out:


Visit here for more great info on Sashé!

The Host Club is a dynamic five member band from Denver. The band was founded by brothers Aaron, Adam, and Alex Elrod who have been recently returning to the studio to record their new album. Check them out:


Click here for the latest news on The Host Club!

Gypsis Gift is a pretty great duo of musicians and artists! They have made quite a splash in the Australian music scene; residing from Sydney, Australia. They are known for their light, free-spirited music. Sit back and enjoy their song, The Fight:


Visit their webpage here to find more of their great music!

We hope you enjoyed another week's Featured Fridays! Once again, let us know which of these bands you enjoyed listening to the most! If you are a band trying to raise money for your next new release, new instruments, touring, or anything else, remember that we are here to help!

Featured image found here.

CSW: Sometimes Recycling Can be Romantic

July 24th - BY Dan Salganik


Community Story of the Week: 7/24/2013

Recycling can be a very simple task for anyone; you either throw your things one container or another. Sometimes, we don't realize how many of our day-to-day products are actually recyclable. It is very easy to spot what can be recycled and what can't.

Think Green is among many websites that helps to provide us with details on what is recyclable and what isn't.

This video expresses how romantic recycling can be if we put a little more effort into placing our recyclables in the correct container. Curious how? Check it out:

http://vimeo.com/groups/9196/videos/23627164 This film was made by Catsnake Film.

Have you taken active steps to recycle more? Tell us how you've done below!

Featured image can be found here.

City Vanguard Triumphs: One of FunderHut’s Success Stories

July 22nd - BY Ellie Diaz

Singers Performing City Vanguard

City Vanguard is a live music television series that documents underground musicians in Chicago. Founder and producer, David Weathersby, began his FunderHut campaign in January of 2013 and successfully raised enough to help him launch pilot episodes for their next season. In celebration, FunderHut sits down with David to capture his story and uncover the secrets of being a success.

As told by Eleanor Diaz

I grew up with the sounds of music frequently wafting through my house. They ranged from a soft melodic jazz to the solid beats of rock and roll. My love of music moved with me to Chicago where I began my career as a videographer. The bright, ever-changing and culturally infused city beaconed to me with promises of “new beginnings.” Here, anything could happen.

But this wonderful city was missing something. Although the hustle and bustle of the crowded streets provided a perfect atmosphere for inspiring artists, local musicians were sometimes overlooked or overshadowed by more mainstream labels.


That’s why I started City Vanguard: to offer a spotlight and a voice for the underground musical community. I began filming local and independent musicians and was utterly amazed at their talent and ambition. Their music was an extension of their own art, a combination of their story, battle, emotion and soul. By documenting their travels, I believe I bring a new level of understanding to their stories.


For my dream to become a success, I needed help. A friend who also owned a company that focused on the art community recommended FunderHut to me. FunderHut was the only crowdfunding site that took a serious and personal approach to projects. It was refreshing to interact with founders Dan and Alan. As a small company supporter, I appreciated that FunderHut catered towards communities and the power of local businesses.


I made my project a success by directly contacting artists and sharing my story. I consistently updated my social media platforms as well as posted “proof of concept” updates on my FunderHut profile. You can’t just create a crowdfunding project and expect it to magically produce funds. You have to use all of your resources in attempt to build a strong connection with your followers.

The money raised went directly towards purchasing updated equipment, which helped City Vanguard focus on quality production. Local musicians are sometimes judged by how they are presented. By receiving a higher grade of visual and audio quality, the artist gains a more level playing field when compared with “funded” artists. Music shouldn't be judged on poor representation, but rather on its pure soul.

The future looks bright for City Vanguard. We hope to expand the content of episodes, add interviews and extend performance footage. Thanks to FunderHut, these goals are soon becoming a reality.

City Vanguard is a platform for independent artists who push the boundaries of their genre. My advice for future campaigners would be to push the boundaries that were set for you. Strive for your goals because nothing is out of reach.

SBF: Make a Wish With Paperface Studios

July 19th - BY Dan Salganik


Featured Friday: Featuring a unique variety of small businesses and non-profits every Friday.

Upon my search for the first Featured Friday article, I decided to begin with Etsy, a market place with an abundance of small businesses, handmade products, and artists from around the world. I stumbled upon Paperface Studios, a small business with huge charm. Their pieces are handmade and socially driven.

It almost seems as though there is a story behind each of Paperface Studios' pieces. One can only imagine the story behind the particular dandelion seed above. The image below is yet another example of a story trapped in a piece of glass for no one else to read. The message in a bottle is a very unique piece of jewelry.


Let us know what you thought of our first Featured Friday! We will continue to search for small business and non-profits for unique stories.

If you are interested in learning more about Paperface Studios, visit their Facebook page here.

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