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CSW: 13 Year Old Teaches Us to Embrace Our Differences

May 8th By Dan

Embracing differences Autism

Community Story of the Week: 5/8/2013

Not everyone was created equal, but that does not mean that people should be treated differently.

13-year-old Rosie teaches us what it is like to have Autism and why it is NOT an issue for her. She says, “Although it can be a problem, I wouldn’t swap my Autism for anything. It makes me who I am, I just wouldn’t be the same without it. For instance, I think it gives me my imagination.”

Rosie, along with some of the other children in this video teach many of us what it is like to be a child with Autism and what they do to overcome some of the difficulties of the outside world.

So next time that you see someone who is “different,” embrace it, rather than ignoring it.


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