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NPM: Global Storytelling through a Non-Profit Lens

December 30th - By Ellie Diaz


Many Americans might head to crowded gyms or stock up on protein shakes as they ring in the New Year, but now there’s a new trending resolution. This year, my goal is to make a difference in other’s lives. One way to do this is to get involved in FunderHut’s favorite non-profits! This week, FunderHut is highlighting the extraordinary and important strides American Documentary has made in highlighting important global issues in nonfiction films through its PBS series POV. POV …

Conservation for Christmas

December 23rd - By Ellie Diaz


How many kids can say they received a dolphin for Christmas? Before you rush to buy a 100,000-gallon tank, I must tell you that children won’t actually be getting a live dolphin, but a plush stuffed animal and a symbolic adoption certificate. It’s a creative gift for animal lovers without all the habitat hassle. The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) offers donators a symbolic adoption in hopes of providing a safer environment for animals and to create a stronger bond between …

Give a Greeting Card That Gives Back

December 17th - By Ellie Diaz


It’s an event that greets the holiday season with smiling faces and coordinating outfits. It’s a way to update friends and family on your life and progress. Yes, it’s the time for holiday greeting cards, and this year you can use them to save the world. According the Greeting Card Association, Americans spend more than 7 billion dollars on greeting cards annually. This may not come as a surprise for those who hire a professional photographer or glitz their photos …

Because Nobody’s Perfect

December 13th - By Bineeta Monga


Perfect, unblemished skin. Lean, taut, perfect bodies. Curves in all the perfect places. These are just a few of the features of mannequins nowadays. But Zurich’s Bahnofstrasse decided to change that. With the help of Pro Informis, an organization for the disabled, stores in downtown Zurich replaced their usual mannequins with ones that are molded after people with scoliosis or brittle bone disease. Topped with the latest fashions, these new mannequins’ purpose was to “provoke reflection on the acceptance of …

A Cow for Christmas

December 9th - By Ellie Diaz

PR_Logo-Full_Color copy

Goats and camels and chicks! Oh my! This Christmas, let’s ditch some of our temporary plastic toys and instead, deliver life saving presents to impoverished communities across the world. Heifer International strives to end world poverty and hunger by allowing consumers to send essential animals and training to communities around the globe including China, Haiti, Kenya and Honduras. Using this method, families can use the animals to establish a steady income and eventually become self-reliant. Heifer International also incorporates Passing …

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